The purposes of the Company are to use the advanced technology and know-how of Brødrene Aa AS, the operating subsidiary company of Brødrene Aa Eiendom AS, to produce high quality high speed passenger ferries in carbon fibre, attempt to gain a competitive position in the relevant markets, increase production and marketing efficiency by adopting modern management methods and combine the strengths of the Parties, and generate satisfactory economic benefits and profits for each of the Parties.

Design and development, manufacturing and sales of high speed passenger ferries and other types of vessels with extensive use of carbon fibre, including carbon fibre parts for wind power plants (blades), cars and aeroplanes; trading (import and export) of such vessels or half-manufactured vessels (hulls/structures); trading of ship parts, equipment and accessories; refitting, modification and dismantlement of carbon fibre vessels; import and export of technologies; industrial design services; and providing after-sales services and related technical consultancy..

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